Where were the soldiers killed, why was the tribe of the soldiers mentioned by Nigeria army unlike soldiers killed by Boko Haram?

Where were the soldiers killed, why was the tribe of the soldiers mentioned by Nigeria army unlike soldiers killed by Boko Haram?

Are They Setting Up Ground To Invade Igbo Land And Massacre More People? The news about the killing of two Military officers is not clear. It is questionable. And I still don't know why people are not asking questions.

Questions like...

How did the kị́llers managed to spot this soldiers among many commuters?

Were they on their private car or public vehicle when they were caught and killed? Where exactly were they killed?

Why is it that the report didn't answer that question?

Why say on their way to Imo State when you can mention where they were actually killed?

Was it inside Imo State or outside Imo State?

Were they on uniform?

Can someone that has been retired wear military uniforms while travelling?

Will a reasonable person still head to Imo wearing his military uniform with what is happening in Orlu?

How come the kị́llers were too fast to put a call through to the alleged family or friend and post it online? What point are they trying to make?

Are they trying to send out information?

Will IPOB really go after a soldier, kill him or her and make a video saying they did it. And even mention Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's name, when they know that same Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is facing terrorisms charges? Do you think they are this foolish or could it be that those believing this lie are the ones that are actually foolish?

Even if you don't like IPOB, I still know you can still reason properly.

These things are not adding up. Can't you see it? I think this two soldiers were expendables. One is that they have decided that they want to marry, and the military must at least retire one of them compulsorily. In fact, report say the male soldier have been retired. And this made them expendables. While not ha-rm them and accuse IPOB? After all they are no more in the military.

We have seen Boko Haram kill soldiers and claim responsibility. No terrorist's in the world deny their actions. In all the soldiers killed by Boko Haram, Nigeria military have never mentioned their tribe. So why did Nigeria military mention the tribe of the slain soldiers? Could it be that it was planned just to achieve one thing. Demonize IPOB? And give room for massacre of Igbo youths?

Could it be that it was done to work on the minds of Igbo soldiers in Nigeria military? The government know that invading Igbo land will cause uproar and bad blood among the Igbo soldiers in Nigeria Army. So targeting an Igbo soldiers about to marry will get the Igbo in military annoyed. Meanwhile, an Igbo soldier have already started threatening IPOB online and the screenshot is flying on twitter. Should this be the case, then the plan worked and is still working. With the rate things are going, it seems the government after working on the minds of the Igbo soldiers will be using them against the killing of their own people.

Probably, Igbo soldiers might be taking on ESN and for sure it will be Igbo people against themselves. I think a very high agency is behind the scene controlling events and playing everyone against each other. Southern soldiers were mainly used against Boko Haram and many of these southern soldiers perished. Today, the government is playing on the mindset of the Igbo soldiers so that they can go after their own people and kill each other. What a game.

Now is the time to be vigilant. The government is not only using a dangerous campaign against IPOB, they are preparing ground for the mass-acre of Ndị Igbo. I strongly feel that a lot will start happening. But if you can raise this awareness, it might save lots of souls.

It is certain that IPOB did not kill these soldiers. They were expendables used by the government to prove a dubi-ous point against IPOB.

I advise the government to use referendum to settle the problem of Biafra. Should they go offensive, Nigeria will be the loser, for this fragile country can't survive a second civil war. Referendum is peace. Finally, I condemn the barbarous killing of these soldiers. Such should not be happening.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.