The tragic murder of an Assembly member

By Professor Ukonu Obasi

The tragic murder of an Assembly member is reported, and before any investigation is done, before any culprit is arrested, before any shred of evidence is presented, the usual suspects rush and accuse IPOB of the crime

This move is becoming boringly predictable. it is sad, it is lazy, and indeed it is irresponsible. It shows a dishonesty that is also insensitive to the family of the bereaved. It is irresponsible as it prejudices the investigation that ought to happen.

Why do they do this? Why do they rush to finger pointing a group of Biafra agitators, when there is absolutely no evidence to incriminate then, when Governors of the South East has exonerated them, when the organisation has itself denied involvement and condemned the violence, and when there is no motive for them to commit it anyway. Why do these people make their usual modus operandi.

Very simple; they are one Nigerianists. One Nigerianists have shown they have a very loose relationship with the truth. They have shown they have a very reflexible connection with morality. They have shown that they love using propaganda and misinformation to distort and distract. Their goal is to paint the Biafra movement in bad light. Their mission is to sway public opinion away from the agitation. They know Biafra is popular and one Nigeria is unpopular, so they cant make the argument to defend Nigeria, so their only hope of preserving their failed entity so that they can keep feeding fat from it, is to throw mud on the Biafra agitation.

It is laughable attempt really. It only undermines their own credibility, it only shows them up as the liars and the hypocrites they are, and achieves the very opposite of what they aim for. How can anyone want to be associated with a country where the security operatives cannot protect lives and property? Who would want to be part of a country where there is not thorough investigation to establish guilty parties and due process for charging and prosecution done? Who wants to belong to such a failed country?

Maybe IPOB should start taking those of them who are bold enough to make such baseless accusations to court for libel. Maybe that will be the best way to settle this matters and stop these lazy propaganda peddlers from spreading their lies.