the IPOB Head of Directorate Mazi Chika Edoziem presents the case for Biafra independence to other emerging nations around the world

Watch out the IPOB Head of Directorate Mazi Chika Edoziem presents the case for Biafra independence to other emerging nations around the world like SCOTLAND , CATALONIA ETC .

Check out this year's guests: exceptional international platform!

β–ͺ π‚π€π“π€π‹π”ππ˜π€
Lluìs Puig was Minister of Culture of the Generalitat of Catalonia under the presidency of Carles Puigdemont.

Currently a member of parliament ( Junts per Catalunya ) in the Catalan Parliament he is forced into exile as a result of the prosecution carried out by the Spanish state following the organization of the referendum on October 1, 2017.

Lluìs Puig's situation is at the heart of an iron fist between Barcelona and Madrid since Laura Borras, then President of the Catalan Parliament, took the responsibility of taking into account Lluìs puig's suffering as part of a deliberation go to the polls in early July against the decision of the Spanish Constitutional Court.

Lluìs Puig is also a member of the Consell Per la Republica, a body chaired from Brussels by Carles Puigdemont who intends to continue the mandate given by the Catalan people in the ballot boxes on October 1, 2017 and promote internationally the Fight for the independence .

Jordi Gaseni (President) and Rosa M. Sanjaume (coordinator) representing the Association of Municipalities for Independence (AMI) This association of independentist mayors and municipal elected officials is very active in the fight for Catalonia's accession to full sovereignty.

Our friend Conxita Bosch will be present again at the Ghjurnate. EIIe will speak this year in the framework of its new functions in the Executive of the Assembly Nacional Catalana (ANC), a civil society organization that has distinguished itself in recent years by the organization of strong mobilisatio popular people in favor of independence.

While Estat CatalΓ , Francesc MaciΓ 's historic party has just celebrated its centenary, its president, our friend Jordi Mir son, will again be loyal to the appointment of the Ghjurnate.

β–ͺ π’π‚πŽπ“π‹π€ππƒ
We are delighted to welcome Neale Hanvey, leader of Alba's independent party MPs to Westminster's British Parliament this year.

After a first referendum on self-determination was held in 2014, 45% of the votes, the sentiment for independence has intensified. In a country strongly committed to the European project, Brexit has helped accelerate the will of a majority of Scots to have a say once again about their future as a nation. II a few weeks ago, the Scottish Government announced the holding of a new referendum in Autumn 2023: Indyref2.

The Alba party is committed to getting this referendum to happen and allowing Scotland this time to become a new European state. II A few weeks ago, Neale Hanvey and his colleague Kenny MacAskill were suspended from their duties as members of parliament by the British Speaker for calling on British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to call on him to organise the meeting referendum in accordance with the wishes of the Scottish people.

β–ͺ π„π”π’πŠπ€π‹ π‡π„π‘π‘πˆπ€
Jon IΓ±arritu, MP from EH Bildu (Hegoalde, South Basque) at the Congress of Deputies in Madrid and Nikolas Blain, coordinator of EH Bai (Ipparalde, North Basque) will represent the Basque Nation.

Their presence at Ghjurnate 2022 will be the opportunity to talk about the evolution of the conflict resolution process more than ten years after the launch of the International Conference of Aiete and to return to the civil disobedience action on June 23 illet last by Peace Craftsmen and Bake Bidea in order to force Paris to commit to the release of political prisoners.

β–ͺ π“π€π‡πˆπ“πˆ
On the occasion of the last Legislative Assembly, our Polynesian independence friends won the election in the three constituencies that count their country. This year, the three Tavini deputies will be present in Corti alongside Corsica Libera. This is Tematai Le Gayic, Steeve Chailloux and Moetai Brotherson, a regular of Ghjurnate and newly elected President of the Overseas Delegation at the Palace Bourbon.

β–ͺ π†π”π˜π€ππ„
This is not the first time Guyana and the Decolonization and Social Emancipation Movement (MDES) have participated in the Ghjurnate Internaziunale. In contrast, this year it is as a deputy that Jean-Victor Castor will represent his country after his victory in the last electoral elections. During his campaign, he made institutional evolution and fighting for the land of political priorities.

β–ͺ πŠπ€ππ€πŠπ˜
Mickael Forrest, who has already participated in the Ghjurnate as a FLNKS delegate, has been minister of the New Caledonia Congress since last year.

He is in particular charged with foreign relations in connection with President Louis Mapou. Its participation in the 2022 edition comes in the context of the denial of the word given by the French state, which chose to enter into force in December 2021 by organizing a "self-determination referendum" without the participation of the independence forces. Therefore, it will be a question of the prospects for reviving the process of accession to full sovereignty.

β–ͺ ππˆπ€π…π‘π€
For the first time in its history, E Ghjurnate will host a delegation representing Biafra, a country of about 70 million people currently ruled by Nigeria. IPOB (Indigenous People of Biafra) has been fighting for the rebirth of an independent state almost half a century after the proclamation of the Republic of Biafra (1967-1970).

IPOB is currently conducting an international information campaign to seek the release of their leader, Nnmadi Kanu, and to publicize the plight of the indigenous people of Biafrans being executed by Islamist groups like Boko H comfort. Chika Edoziem, Chief of the Directorate of State for Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, will be speaking on behalf of the organization.

In 2021, the independent organizations iRS (Indipèndentzia Rep pbrica de Sardigna), ProgReS (Progetu Republica) and Torra! have engaged in a process of dialogue and joint action called "Est Ora!" ". Simone Maulu for iRS and Adriano Sollai for GrReS will take part in the Ghjurnate debates. It will be the opportunity to present the joint initiative with Corsica Libera on the issue of the cost of military dependence.

The Sardinian nation will also be represented by Sardigna Natzione Indipendentzia and its historical spokesperson Bustianu Cumpostu.

β–ͺ π€π‘π“π’π€πŠπ‡
Alexandre Santerian is at the origin of the Corsica-Armenia Twinning Committee whose objective is to strengthen the ties of solidarity between our two peoples. He is also the representative in our country of Artsakh Republic. This Republic in conflict with Azerbaijan is not recognized internationally. It is in fact on Corsica soil since the Corsica Assembly unanimously recognized its existence in 2020.

β–ͺ πŠπ€ππ˜π‹πˆπ„
In 2009, Corsica Libera hosted for the first time under the chapter of Ghjurnate Ferhat Mehenni of the MAK (Movement for Self-Determination), a movement defending the rights of the Kabylie people. Since then, the relations between our two peoples have been perpetuated. This year Dyhia Harouni, coordinator of MAK Sud France will represent her party in Corti. She will be accompanied by a very strong delegation from her party.