"South East Can Only Produce President If They Believe In Islam, Muslims Are Majority In Nigeria" ~Hon Abdulmumin Jubril

"Politics all over the world is a game of number and it is only those with the number that will keep determining what happens in a country.

"You don't give what you don't have. You don't disrespect other region beliefs and expect them to support your Presidential ambition. It is never done anywhere.

"Northerners always determine the outcome of an election in Nigeria since the creation of this country till date. We have the numbers to do that.

"If south East want to produce a President in this country, they should first and foremost believe in Islam, get converted and worship the Almighty Allah, by so doing we can take them serious and see them as people who are not religion bigots and extremists.

"You can't disregard my religion and expect me to support you politically, it's never done and we will never allow that to happen. They call us names, abuse us, disregard our Prophet and say all manner of things against us.

"The worst among all is that they segregate against the few in their region who joined Islam and has vowed to banish them from the East. If they want to rule this country, the earlier they embrace the true religion of peace which Islam teaches or remain where they are politically."

~Abdulmumin Jubril