Putin destroys Boris Johnson and plots the collapse of Britain

After his polite statement by saying that if Putin was a woman, he would not have invaded Ukraine, Putin's response was quick and shattering to discipline Boris Johnson by leaking documents and information revealing that Johnson was a spy for Russia forty years ago, as he was recruited by Russian intelligence when he was 16 years old and he still holds American citizenship.

As an extension of his father's work, who was a Russian intelligence agent who was recruited by his mother of Russian origin and this decision comes by Putin and directing the Russian intelligence to leak the secret file of the life and career of Boris Johnson as a spy for Russia, to discipline him after he insulted Putin and described him as a woman. Russian intelligence (I am attaching pictures of Alexander with Johnson and with Putin) and the Russians infiltrated British intelligence that Alexander Lebedev obtained British citizenship and established a commercial and media empire in Britain and hired Boris Johnson as a press correspondent in his daily newspaper (Britain Al-Massa) at the beginning of his career
And after taking over

Johnson was British Foreign Minister who met him in a secret castle owned by Alexander in Italy, as well as during his tenure as mayor of London.
The leaked documents also included information confirming that Boris Johnson's mistress and current wife, Carrie Johnson, was also a Russian intelligence agent, as well as Johnson's close friend and confidant, Evgeny Lebedev, whom Johnson appointed as a member of the British House of Lords after he became prime minister. He was one of the mediators in transferring information between Johnson And Russian intelligence (a photo of the two good friends).

The leaks included that Boris Johnson tried to obtain his file in the Russian intelligence and obliterate his history as an agent for it more than once after he reached the prime ministership, but this was met with repeated and stern rejection by Russian President Vladimir Putin, and this is the secret of Johnson's intense hostility to President Putin, attacking and ridiculing him And work by all means to defeat him in Ukraine, where he had previously stated that they would fight Putin until the last Ukrainian soldier, and as a result of this leak, the British House of Commons formed a commission of inquiry with Boris Johnson and a contact that resulted in a fierce campaign against him in the Conservative Party and forcing him to submit his resignation.

On the other hand, Putin issued a decision to nationalize the facility and the Skhelin liquefied gas pipeline, of which British Shell owns 20%, which led to a doubling of the gas crisis in Britain and an unprecedented crazy rise in its prices.
In the same context, Vladimir Putin supports the separatist movements that began to appear in Scotland to secede from Britain and join the European Union. It is worth noting that 90% of British oil and gas come from Scotland, which means that its secession will lead to the destruction of Britain.

The foregoing confirms the correctness of what I published that playing with Caesar will lead to the disintegration of Europe and the fall of all current governments in all European countries and that Caesar will succeed in eliminating American and Western hegemony over the world and establishing a new multipolar world order in which there is no place for the dollar and American blackmail and thwart Uncle Sam's scheme to reach the gold billion.

Dr. Qasim Saleh