“Peter Obi’s Presidential ambition sounds so funny to me, yet to understand the magic” ~ Dave Umahi

“The Nigerian politics is never an all comers affairs or for individuals who thinks that power has anything to do with social media. Nigerian politics is beyond social media and Nigerians mostly those supporting the Labour Party’s Presidential candidate, Peter Obi should know that social media has never delivered any candidate in the history of Nigerian politics.

“Often times I have been accused of been jealous of Peter Obi’s rise to stardom and influence in the forthcoming election. Some said because I lost our Party’s Presidential ticket and since then that I have been antagonizing Peter Obi. Far from it, i cannot stood so low to jealous Peter Obi because it’s obvious he just embark on a fruitless journey that can never yield any increase. When people like us speak we speak with wisdom and have carefully observed and analyze before we speak.

“How can someone become the President of Nigeria without building structure and bridges across the ethnic groups in the country. Without structure nobody can win any election in Nigeria, be it Local, State or Federal election.

“This whole Social media stunts sounds so funny to me. I am yet to understand the magic that will take him to Aso Rock. I am not wishing anyone bad but I don’t see any miracle that can happen overnight that will take him to Aso Rock. I would advise he join forces with Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu who’s ready, prepared and has build structure across the country to consolidate the good works of President Muhammadu Buhari.

“As for Ebonyi State votes come 2023, it belongs to our Party Presidential candidate and not for Labour Party. I have said this before and I have no regret repeating myself again. Ebonyi is APC and no party will have our vote apart from APC.”

~ Dave Umahi