our deep investigation on BBC corporation

In our deep investigation on BBC corporation, one of the journalist who doesn’t want her name on print revealed to FWPI that BBC is working solely on interest of one Nigeria and British ventures as a business enterprise. It is sad to know that many Nigerians are not aware that “Nigeria” is a British “company” and through Nigeria as indirect investment do British economy survives.

The lady told us that BBC mostly BBC-Igbo will never report against any injustice in Nigeria. She told me that this week, over 70 farmers mostly women and children were killed in northeast of Borno Nigeria, she confidentially told us that BBC media house is under instruction not to report that news.

She revealed to us that all their correspondents are on direct instruction to report things that mostly will create negative impression about Igbos and Biafra. She said that BBC-Igbo is under instruction to keep reporting the alleged soldiers killed in Imo state. She said the sole intention of BBC-Igbo is to look for news that will continue creating mistrust, amongst Igbos and Biafra in general, although she said some time, they will pick some few good news just to look like they are balancing their reportage but that was to confuse many from decoding their true mission.

She confidentially told us to keep eyes on BBC-Igbo and their report. According to her, BBC is not for the good of the Igbo and they will continue to run negative investigation against Igbo and Biafra .
Others details of this revelation will be made known