Mrs Nkechi Kanu's Criminality Exposed


IPOB do not associate with criminal elements in the quest for restoration of Biafra and that is why we must expose those who are bent to tarnish the hallowed image of IPOB.

NKECHI KANU who otherwise parades herself as African Women REP IPOB after being stripped of the position was long been investigated after several reports of her escapades was made known to the IPOB leadership, She masterminded the kidnap of one Mr David.

The man named David whom they kidnapped and killed was her cousin, and she led the zoo security to where they buried him, after collecting a whooping Sum of 9 million Naira which was paid twice, 7 and 2 million installments.

Also note that this lady was among the masterminds of so many criminal activities, ranging of enforcement of MONDAY SIT AT HOME along ASA Port Harcourt Aba Express route, even when IPOB leadership canceled it these and many more were reasons IPOB condemned Finland infiltrator who instituted the enforcement of sit at home that was already canceled.

She was working with Nigeria soldiers at Asa, as an informant.

She paraded herself as EZE-Nwanyi who is in the business of making charms for internet-Fraudsters (Yahoo Yahoo Boys), Armed Rubbers, Cultist and others in disguise of running a Shabbat fellowship center.

Her journey to spate of criminal activities began, when at Mmiri Nwanyi in Obigbo where she recruited a group of Young men, made them swear an Oath of loyalty to her.

It is also on record that when Mazi Nnamdi Kanu ordered for a distribution of palliative to the less privileged and poor families she was among the people who hugely benefitted from it, whereas there were people who really needed it, but out of greed, she siphoned the part she was made to distribute to people.

Biafrans must disassociate themselves from this criminally minded woman and her likes because she is paying for her evil deeds, recently she was arrested by 144 Nigerian Army stationed at ASA.

Umuchiukwu Writers Reporting.