Ikechukwu Ka Dibia Onyeji was arrested yesterday 6th of July, 2022.

It is a work related issue. He started working with them last February. The name of the restaurant is Ranoe located in Abuja. He is working as a supervisor to the said Restaurant and his Boss is one Nasiru Nyenke.

It happened that the Boss accused Ikechukwu of taking his 1.5 million. And they sacked him on 31st of June without pay.

Yesterday being 6th, Ikechukwu received a call from the Boss asking him to come for a discussion. When Ikechukwu arrived for the discussion, he got arrested. When they arrested Ikechukwu, they didn't move him to the police station at first. They embarked on torturing him. They broke his legs that he can't walk as am writing this. After torturing him, they took him to Anti Kidnapping unit Abuja.

Ikechukwu had called me one day telling me that he is heading to Abuja to look for a job and probably find his feet there. I remember making a post asking if people can house him there and someone actually accepted to do that. Since then Ikechukwu have been fighting to stand like every young man in a country that eats his own.

I think Ikechukwu is being intimidated, if not, why the torture? Why the breaking of legs? Why send him to anti kidnapping unit? Probably, they know that Ikechukwu is a young man without anything. They know that Ikechukwu has no body in Abuja. They know that Ikechukwu can't stand to confront them. If Ikechukwu is guilty and have their 1.5 million, Ikechukwu will not honour that invitation. I know they know this. I know they know that, but they called to have him dealt with. Right now Ikechukwu has accepted that he even stole the entire restaurant just for them to end the torture. Ikechukwu needs me and you at this moment.

I am calling on spirited people in Abuja to come for the aid of Ikechukwu. Lawyers reading this should please help out. He is currently in Anti kidnapping unit Jabi because of a mere accusation. After police barracks by Cubana Junction.

Boss name Nasiru nyenke
Phone number 09065995603

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.