"Igbos are the problem we have in Nigeria, so difficult to stay with" ~ Senator Adeola Olamilekan

"Often times we blame Hausa Fulani of being the problem bedeviling the growth and peaceful co-existence in Nigeria, but recent development has truly unveil the people behind it.

"Igbo people ever since Nigeria gained her Independence has been troubling Nigeria with one form of agitation or the other. Championing series of campaigns of calumny against any ruling government.

"Is this the type of people that power should be entrusted with. Nigeria is a multi-tribal country but the only tribe giving Nigerians headaches are the Igbo people.

"Now, they are all over social media platforms championing lots of campaign of calumny against our Party Presidential Candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Calling him all manner of unprintable names just to discredit him and exalt their preferred candidate Peter Obi who has little or no experience about political leadership.

"I want to ask, is Igbo people no longer Biafrans and Israelites? How then did they become Nigerians all of a sudden simply because they want to rule this country. The level of hatred that emanates from this people against other tribes is unimaginable and this singular act will continue to deny them the opportunity to rule this country because as it is right now, they are still confused and doesn't have the leadership and political structure to produce a President as far as Nigerian Politics is concerned. It's a fact, an undebatable one at that."

~ Senator Adeola Olamilekan