Exposition: The Plot By The Enemies Of Biafra To Bring Terro-rism Into Igbo Land

Elements in the government are planning to use the media to normalize terrorisms in South East. After Nigeria soldiers went to Orlu on Easter Sunday, and opened fire on civilians kị́lling many. Nigeria government sold fake news to Breitbart in USA and they reported that IPOB opened fire on people in Orlu. They wanted to associate IPOB with terrorisms. Thereby lying that the indigenous people of Biafra opened fire on the indigenous people of Biafra.
Within days another news broke out. Nigeria police claimed they arrested a bomb maker for IPOB. Eventually, the man they claimed to have arrested happened to be a local Mkpọnaala contractor who helps to provide people with local Mkpọnaala during festivals and burial ceremony. There is no burial ceremony in Igbo land that ends without Mkpọnaala sounding. They believe that the spirit of the dead crosses to the other side with it. That has been the believe of the Igbo people and it is a part of Igbo culture and tradition. But to blackmail IPOB, the government told the world the poor man makes bombs for IPOB.
The question we should be asking ourselves is this. Why is the government telling you that some people are making bombs for IPOB? The answer is simple. The government is about introducing bombing in South East. If care is not taken, you will start hearing that some places have been bombed. They might start with bombing of government offices. And when this happens, some unthinking supporters of the struggle will be online saying it serves them right and lending support to it. They won't know that the government are behind it all. That they bombed themselves to get at IPOB. They wouldn't know that it is the government playing games with them. As they will be shouting in ignorance, the bombing will spread into bars, markets and other places of interest. They will choose a sit at home day to plant their bombs and when the explosion goes off, the police will quickly say that IPOB has Bombed a market in South East for disobeying the sit at home. Within time the bombing's will be happening at intervals and nowhere will be safe again. There will be fear everywhere. The aim will be simple. Force the people to reject their own freedom.
The greatest difficulty the government have encountered in their clampdown on IPOB is that the people are IPOB and IPOB is the people. It is not easy to get the people to work against themselves. So the government have been fighting to disassociate the people from IPOB. And since the government have denied the people good life and impoverished them through corruption and injustice, they resorted to inflicting the people with terror.
IPOB leadership led by DOS were so smart and cleaver in distancing IPOB from all the terror attacks the 5th columnists committed so far against the indigenous people of Biafra. Their suspension of the Monday sit at home did it all. In as much as the people voluntarily continued the sit at home, the government cannot kị́ll on Mondays and say IPOB did it and succeed. How can IPOB suspend a sit and home and still go on to enforce it? That's is insane. Even when the infiltrators recruited by the government wanted to make it look like IPOB members have started acting anyhow like a plane without a pilot (leadership), IPOB leadership were able to distance IPOB from them and as well told the world that those people recruited by the government don't speak for them.
But the government is not resting. IPOB leadership should not take the news about the bomb maker lightly. They are about being blackmailed. The 5th columnist are about giving IPOB their highest blackmail. If they are mischievously reporting that some men has started making bombs for IPOB, according to the police, then it is clear that the same police will soon say that IPOB has bombed one or two places.
Unfortunately, the supporters of PDP in the South East are helping the government in setting up Ala Igbo for destruction. These supporters of PDP believe that IPOB is a bad market for their hope of getting an Igbo presidency. How they arrived at this notion is what I still don't understand. They are everywhere tagging IPOB a terrorist's group. Some of them recently gathered on twitter space to sell this notion on twitter. They believe that once they successfully tag IPOB terrorist's, that will be the end of IPOB. But they don't know that they are ignorantly putting Igbo land in danger. It is not a coincidence that one week after some PDP supporters gathered on twitter to call IPOB terrorists, the police announced that they arrested a bomb marker for IPOB. Something that is a big fat lie. The out come of the whole thing is that Fulani herdsmen terrorist's, Boko Haram terrorist's and even ISISI terrorist's can come to the East and carry out a terror attack and they will say IPOB did it. This will serve as the cover terrorist's in the North needs to attack Igbo land.
It is certain that what IPOB wants is the freedom of Igbo people. It is self evident that terrorisms is not in Igbo DNA. So why is it that PDP supporters are bent on blackmailing IPOB?
This is the time IPOB should think faster than her enemies. This is the time to use the media to your advantage. This is the time to spend on media. This is the time to get major news media to start talking about IPOB and the atrocities of the government against Biafra people. You must beat them in their own games. Since the propagators of Igbo Presidency are out to tag you what you are not, you must be out for them. You must take the campaign back to them.
Igbo land will never be converted into a home of terrorism. The entire Igbo people are asking for referendum, and this demand has absolutely nothing to do with terrorism.
Don't forget the day you read this.
Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.