Exposed: Personnel Of Ebube-Agu In Collaboration With Nigerian Soldiers And Police, Sets To Invade Imo Communities Soonest

Reports reaching Umuchiukwu Writers desk has exposed the seeming plans of members of Ebube-agu in conjunction with the Nigerian Armed Forces comprising of the Nigerian Army, Police, Air-force, DSS, Navy Etc to invade communities in Imo State in the coming days.

Indigenes of these communities have reliably called out the Ebube-Agu force men for killing their people during their previous invasion of the community in company of the Nigerian security forces.

Communities like Ibiasoegbe, Amaifeke, Amaoka and others under the Oru Local Government Areas of Imo state, have long suffered similar invasion orchestrated by the Nigerian forces who only aimed at killing of innocent youths, vital organ harvest, burning of victims to death and burning of properties.

Recall that few days ago, Umuchiukwu Writers reported about the kidnap of youths in the above mentioned communities by the so called Ebube-Agu who currently have merged with the Nigerian security agents to commit these crimes against the people of Imo State.

Investigations carried out has revealed that these Ebube-Agu personnel have involved themselves in the kidnap of youths who are forced to pay ransom to free themselves. According to one of the victim of this kidnap, he was made to pay (One Hundred And Seventy Thousand, Three Hundred Naira) N170,300 before he was released.

Also, an elder from Ibiasoegbe in an audio message has stated that youths who were abducted by the Ebube-Agu force men were killed and their vital organs harvested. The aged man who was almost in tears while making these revelations, noted that the remaining body parts of victims were burnt by their captors in order to hide the evidence of their body parts that were harvested.

However , he revealed how young ladies are being gang raped by personnel of Ebube-Agu in their communities. He said, "When they see our beautiful ladies walking on the street, they divert them to hidden places and gang rape them, some are being killed in the process".

Also, one of the youth leaders of Ibiasoegbe has cried out to the public to help save the lives of their people, stating that the Ebube-Agu personnel has formerly warned that they will invade the community coming Monday. In his speech, he noted that the Ebube-Agu personnel were ready to tag their victims to be Unknown Gunmen just to have the immunity to kill them.

Furthermore , information has it that more troops have been deployed from the north and are currently in Enugu state waiting for order to strike. Contained in this information is the fact that Ibiasoegbe and other communities in Oru in Imo state is a prime target. Men, women, and children will become victims of this invasion that will happen soon if nothing is done to avert it.

We are calling on the prominent people in Oru local governments to stand up and expose the evil committed by Nigeria security operatives . Those who have sold out their people to the enemies must be exposed too and made to face the consequences. The great people of Oru local governments should stand on their feet and defend their land from these murderers in uniform.

Umuchiukwu Writers Reporting.