EXCLUSIVE: Nigerian Police Academy Commandant, Ahmad Accused Of Islamisation Agenda, Separation Of Meals Between Cadets, Other Discriminatory Policies

Some policemen working at the Nigerian Police Academy, Wudil, Kano State, have asked President Muhammadu Buhari and the Inspector-General of Police, Usman Baba, to call the commandant of the institution, Abdurrahman Ahmad, to order.

The officers, while speaking with Sahara Reporters, accused Ahmad, an Assistant Inspector-General of Police of marginalization and a subtle islamization agenda.

According to them, postings of police officers in the Academy to offices are biased and sectional in nature.

“For any organization or public office to attain its aims and objectives, its leaders and those at the helm of affairs ought to be unbiased, without sentiments, and victimization of subjects based on religious faith,” one of them said.

“The above-mentioned features are completely absent in the present management of the Academy under the leadership of AIG Abdurrahman Ahmad as the Commandant whose agenda of Islamization of the institution is glaring.

“Postings of police officers in the Academy to offices are biased and sectional in nature. In a place where senior police officers like Chief Superintendents of Police are without posting, an unconfirmed and incompetent Assistant Superintendent of Police is in charge of the investigation because he is a Muslim.

“The post of PPRO is manned and left in the hands of an Inspector of police because he is a Muslim and so many other postings within the Academy. On Thursday 28the April 2022, he summoned the Chaplain and the Rev. Father and accused them of spreading the news that he is Islamizing the academy.”

Another officer said the academy despite being a federal institution has been left in the hands of principal officers in acting capacity without official letters for more than three years.

He said, “It is also sad to note that the Academy as a federal institution is left in the hands of people (principal officers) in acting capacity without official letters for more than 3 years just to be using them to siphon public funds.

“Worrisome to note is that the principal officers without confirmation of their appointments have been collecting and enjoying the emolument/salaries of the substantive ranks or offices they are occupying which is against financial regulations.

“The appointments of Deans, Head of Departments, and other sections in the academy are issued to the loyalists of the acting coordinator who will not challenge their corrupt proclivities. Since its inception, the Academic Staff of the Academy has never benefitted from Earned Allowances as it is applicable in other public universities because of the incompetency of the management of the Academy.

“This is conspicuous in the 4 weeks down tools embarked on by the Academy Staff after issuing a communique. Instead, the commandant issued sack threats. At the cadet's dining, cadets are separated because of the fasting of the Muslims with special meals and treatments for the Muslims and regular for that of Christian cadets.

“It's not hyperbole to state that most Christian cadets no longer go to the dining because of fear that they might be poisoned having seen his Islamization agenda, pending when the dining and meals will be merged.

“The separation of the dining wouldn't have been a bad ideal but the perceived negative effects it might have on the Christian faithful are worrisome. Christians celebrated Easter without special meals or presents from the school but for the celebration of Eid-Fitri, two big cows for the Muslims which clearly showed that he is biased thus rendering him unfit to hold a public office.

“With the introduction of the optional head scarfs for Muslim female serving police officers, the female cadets on training in the Academy now use scarfs. In the North where insurgency, kidnapping, and banditry attacks are prone to occur at any time, it could be a plan for the attackers to identify the Muslims and spare them.”

Calls put across by Sahara Reporters to the Nigerian police spokesperson, Muyiwa Adejobi, were not picked nor returned.

Source - Sahara Reporters