Ebubeagu Kîlls One In Awada Onitsha

Ebubeagu group on sienna, last week shot and kîlled a young newly married man at Ukaegbu Junction Awada.

The young man is said to be the boy collecting money from motorists. Information said that Ebubeagu on sienna saw him at the early hours of the morning smoking close to that junction. They called the young man and he stayed put where he was.

According to eye witness, these members of Ebubeagu brought out the popular omu nkwu, put it in their mouth and started incantation. After which they shot and kîlled the young man.

These dreaded Ebubeagu members left the body and zoomed off, before members of the Nigería police force came and took the body away.

Members of Ebubeagu has been given licence to kîll Igbo youths at random. No arrest, no court process. They just shoot at sight. It is quite unfortunate. The coming of Ebubeagu into Onitsha, Anambra State shows that South East Governors have vowed to wipe off South East youths.

May the dead find peace with the creator.

Elochukwu Ohagi, 2022.

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