Don’t Invite Me To Your Program If You Don’t Want Me To Say The Truth ---Gov. Ortom Slams Seun Okinbaloye

The Executive Governor of Benue State, Samuel Ortom has given a high tensed warning to the winds during his appearance in yesterday, Sunday 3rd June 2022’s edition of Politics Today on Channels Television. The outspoken governor who dropped the warning while answering questions, threw the challenge at Seun for not allowing him to express his opinions concerning the unhealthy happenings in Nigeria.

According to the video which was monitored by Family Writers Press International, Seun that anchored the very program said he had just applied a rule of his profession by calling the governor to order for making an extreme statement about the security of the country, Nigeria. He said, "Extreme thoughts are not for television like this.”

The hosted Governor, Samuel Ortom was infuriated by his host's remark, insisted that he had not made any untrue remark against the government. Ortom reminded the program host that kidnappers are already operating freely in Abuja, the Capital Territory. So, he sees nothing wrong with saying they might even take over the presidencial villa. The governor went on to express his disappointment at that Channels Television, whom he . claim do not allow freedom of expression. He said,

“That is my problem with Channels Television. You always don’t want somebody to say the truth. If you don’t want me to appear on your program just tell me there is not need. I will always tell you the truth. Things are going down. Nigeria is going down the drain under your watch as a television network and you don’t want us to say the truth.”

Onyemachi Gabriel, Reporting