Breaking Sad News Nigerian Soldiers Collaborates with Ebube-Agu to carry out manslaughter of Okija residents, abduct over 20 youths in Anambra State

A confirmed sad report coming from Anambra to Umuchiukwu Writers desk has revealed that more than 20 Youths have been abducted while scores were shot dead by members of Ebube-agu in collaboration with Nigerian Army in Okija Anambra State .

A footage obtained by Umuchiukwu Writers is an evidence of how people were slaughtered which includes scenes of burnt dead bodies and others who were shot by Ebubeagu Militia in collaboration with Nigeria Army in past few days in Okija Anambra State .

Recall that not less than a week ago members of Ebubeagu killed more than 14 youths in Awo-omamma in Imo State which triggered public outcry and End Ebubeagu protest by Igbo Youths which is still ongoing .

Ebubeagu is a Fulani Militia group created by Nigeria government and Corrupt Igbo Politicians to kill Igbo Youths in order for them to carry out Fulani agenda against the Igbo population .

We're making the general public know about the extrajudicial killings in our land by this Militia group known as Ebubeagu and Nigeria Military , the killing of innocent people in our land must stop and Ebubeagu must be disbanded in all parts of Biafra land .

The link below is video footage of innocent people killed , burnt by the Ebubeagu and Nigeria Military