Breaking News: Nigeria security operatives have continued to conduct illegal arrest


Nigeria security operatives have continued to conduct illegal arrest of residents of Ngwa Road in Aba, killing victims and burning people's properties after an attack by a group of unknown gunmen in the area.

Residents of Ihie Orji in Ngwa Road axis of Aba are not safe as many have decided to vacate the vicinity over fear of being killed by the Nigerian security agents.

Reports have it that on Monday, 16th January 2023, some masked men yet to be identified invaded the community killing a police officer.

Rather than tracing the gunmen, the Nigerian security operatives decided to punish innocent victims of the same attack. Civilians, especially young men are being whisked away to an unknown destination while properties worth millions are set ablaze by the security operatives.

An eyewitness told Umuchiukwu Writers that since the attack, the popular Ihie Orji market has not been opened as traders are afraid of being arrested or shot by the security operatives. Also, information has it that residents are fleeing the environment as over 5 persons have been reportedly killed by the Nigeria security operatives .

Umuchiukwu Writers Reporting.

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