Breaking News !Conflict: Nigeria plans to go to war with Cameroon for the reconquest of Bakassi, an oil-rich area

In a message carried on January 23 that SBBC was able to authenticate with security sources, the director of territorial surveillance at the General Delegation for National Security (DGSN) alerts his collaborators in the South-West region on "Nigeria's preparations for the reconquest of the Bakassi peninsula with projections of serious attacks by Nigerian soldiers on Cameroonian territory".

For the director of the surveillance of the territory, neighboring Nigeria could try to take back the localities of Kombo Abedimo, Kombo Etindi and Idabato, "with a view to, among other things, establishing the old name of some localities in the Nigerian language". The senior intelligence official said the attacks could take place in February, "two weeks before Nigeria's presidential election scheduled for February 25."

This alert leaks on the public square at a time when tensions are multiplying on the border between Cameroon and Nigeria. A few weeks ago, the Nigerian authorities officially questioned the demarcation of the border with Cameroon.

Abuja took the case to the International Court of Justice in The Hague, particularly at "Terminal 8" in the Far North region. "In the case of terminal 8, we have always maintained that there was an error in the coordinates of this point and we asked our counterparts, our Cameroonian brothers, to help us understand as in previous cases where there had been errors in the coordinates given by the ICJ (International Court of Justice)," Adamu Adaji, the director general of Nigeria's National Border Commission, said a few months ago.

On the ground, Yaoundé and Abuja are respectively facing secessionist movements leaning against the border. Reports that SBBC has not been able to independently confirm indicate that the Cameroonian army arrested a Nigerian secessionist leader in the Bakassi Peninsula a few days ago. Princewill Chimeze Richards of the Biafran Nations League was reportedly arrested in Atabong East on 25 January.

In any case, Abuja has so far not confirmed or denied its new claims to the Bakassi peninsula.
The Bakassi War broke out in the early 90s between Cameroon and Nigeria. At that time, the Nigerian authorities claimed sovereignty over this peninsula. In Abuja, the military authorities are pushing for the forcible recovery of this part of the territory. Clashes were recorded in 1993, 1994 and 1996. Yaoundé will choose the diplomatic channel to bring the case to the International Court of Justice as a first step. It will be for The Hague to specify the course of the border made by the former colonial powers, England for Nigeria and Germany for Cameroon. It was in 2002 that The Hague rendered its verdict and confirmed Yaoundé's sovereignty over Bakassi.

In Nigeria, some have never accepted this decision.
Source: Sbbc