BREAKING NEWS ; Aguoru, Abia Community Leader and Top IPOB Critic Makes U-Turn, Calls for Reinforcement of ESN, Nnamdi Kanu's Release .

With the recent revelations as it concerns insecurity in the south east region, FG should as a matter of urgency release Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, unconditionally, I may not agree with all he has been saying and even his pattern of advocacy especially when it comes to self determination.

His style does not appear realistic to me but he has proven to be fighting genuinely for the security and protection of his people.

I have also come to have a rethink on who actually is creating the insecurity that had overtaken Ala Igbo, in recent times, though the utterances and threats from different pro-biafra groups like Simon Ekpa, and his auto pilots makes it impossible to believe IPOB's position on the killings and destructions in the south east, but the experience and revelations by Dr. SK Uche, the Prelate of the methodist church in the hands of his abductors seems to absolve IPOB of the violence going on in the south east, and as Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has always said there is a plot to destabilize the south east.

In as much as I am finding it difficult to believe the ethnic cleansing theory of the Fulanis by TY Danjuma and Gov. Samuel Othom, recent events and stories by those who have been unfortunate to fall into the den of the daredevil kidnappers in different parts of the south east and south south have proved that those wrecking havoc here are from the Fulani stock and that has also proved all that Nnamdi Kanu has been saying right.

I want to plead with the Igbo intelligentsia, the political class, the pan Igbo organizations and the state governors to put more pressure on Buhari and the FG to free Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, let me even sound extreme, our governor's should strengthen ESN to protect Ala Igbo and secure our forests since it is very obvious that EBUBEAGU has failed...