Bauchi commissioner for education Aliyu Tilde endorses murder of Deborah Samuel, tells Christians to undergo psychiatric test

Aliyu Tilde, the commissioner for education in Bauchi, has expressed support for the violent mob of fanatics that killed Deborah Samuel.

Mr Tilde, a respected northern intellectual, said Ms Samuel’s murder was provoked and excoriated Christians and others dismissing blasphemy as uncivilised to seek a psychiatric evaluation.

“Oh my god, oh my god The mouth cuts the neck. If you’re not provoked by this, visit a psychiatrist, please,” the education commissioner said on Facebook Saturday morning. “We must teach our children to respect others.”

Mr Tilde translated what Ms Samuel wrote on WhatsApp that warranted her murder as: “This group is not made for the post of stupid things. Done for past Q, if there is a test, if given assignment, send it. Not that you will send us useless things. What is the prophet of Allah?”

A spokesman for Governor Bala Mohammed did not immediately answer enquiries about the administration’s position on Mr Tilde’s public endorsement of a Christian student’s murder.

Source Arewa Gazette