I was gobsmacked after reading the trending news on the above subject, and the desperate vain attempt by the managers of one of the most corrupt countries in the universe, struggling to defend the obvious.

How did we get here? What crimes did our forerunners commit that we are visited with this level of wickedness and indifference?

Every part of Nigeria is bedevilled by unprecedented level of insecurity. Even Abuja, the supposed seat of power is not safe.The Security agents are daily decimated by terrorists and criminals because they are poorly equipped.

Majority of the Nigerian security formations are still struggling with their rickety Hilux vans/ vehicles, in the execution of their official engagements.

Who did this to us? How can a country that is borrowing money from foreign countries to service her debt be engaged in this level of financial recklessness and bazaar?

It is high time the government and public officers are held accountable on the public offices that they hold. Corruption and impunity should not continue to thrive unabated.

It is rather unfortunate, that this is happening just a few days after my presentation at the maiden edition of the AAYF, which goes to affirm that most African leaders, including Nigeria that prides herself as the giant of Africa, instead of supporting the continent in areas of sustainable development, are rather plunging/subjecting her citizens into abject penury. They also unleash mayhem and all forms of brutality against the hapless citizens who merely express dissenting views, ostensibly perpetrated by her overzealous law enforcement agents.

I sincerely empathize with our University Lecturers, and poor University students who are trapped by the Federal Government's insensitivity to the legitimate demands of ASUU. Clearly, the saying that "charity begins at home" is lost on the people at the helms of affairs of this country.

Sir Ifeanyi Ejiofor, Esq.
4th August, 2022.