2023 Presidency: Biafra Elders Disagrees With Ohaneze Ndigbo, insists on Biafra

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The Biafra Elders in Council yesterday disagreed with the position of Apex Igbo Socio Cultural Organisation, Ohaneze Ndigbo on their support and stand for president of Nigeria from the Igbo extraction, saying that all they want is Biafra.

The Biafra Elders in Council made their position known after their meeting in owerri yesterday, stressing that Biafra cannot be traded with President of Nigeria from Igbo extraction.

The Elders in a statement signed by their spokes man, Chief Okechukwu Nwaogu and delivered to news men, noted that Igbo politicians are the most hypocritical humans on earth who can only come back to the zone whenever they are contesting for elected offices.

According to Chief Nwaogu, he said "We the Biafra Elders in council after much deliberation, passed a vote of no confidence on majority of Igbo politicians aspiring to be the president of Nigeria, based on their anti Igbo/Biafra activities and disrespect to the elders of the land.

Chief Nwaogu revealed that all the killings and destructions going on in Biafra land are being heavily sponsored by these set of politicians, in their quest to demonize and criminalize the genuine struggle for the realization of the Biafra project.

"Why should we support them to become the president of Nigeria while they are the ones killing our children who committed no offence other than expressing and standing for their rights to freedom.
"We have observed with keen interest how they are making some irrelevant publications, sponsoring some disgruntle elements to insult those who are not in support of them, this however, they Know is against the culture and tradition of our land.

"Why are they demanding that the presidency should be ceded to the South East? Why can't they fight for it as they so much believe in one Nigeria?. They know that rotational presidency is not in the constitution of the country they so much love, so why are they demanding for it?.

"The Biafra Elders have no interest on whosoever that becomes the president of Nigeria, as all we want is Biafra and we cannot trade Biafra with anything, not even president of Nigeria from Igbo extraction," Nwaogu said.

Nwaogu noted that, it is on record that those who are now campaigning to represent Ndigbo are the same people who have killed mass number of Igbo Youths while they are in power. He insisted that they can never change in a hurry.

"If they want our support, they should tell us what we will gain from them. They are avoiding us because, they know that we knew them albinitio".

According to the report, Chief Nwaogu noted that the Biafra Elders are ready to resist any attempt whatsoever from anyone who want to jeopardize their chance of Biafra independent, he assured.

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