Elections are not won by third force, not even in a worst case senerio like the failed State of Nigeria that is already piloted by the Jihadist Fulani Oligarchy, a group of vampires known over several decades to exist for sole purpose to conquer her host round the world.

Pitiably, the vast populace of Nigeria youths on social media are been deluded anchoring hope on social media projection of Peter obi which is silently sponsored by British Government to keep the uninformed Nigeria Youths busy while secret deliberations by the Oligarchy and their British masters are on going right inside the pipeline on whom to Select and forced down the throat of over 200m Nigerians just to continue neoColonialism and Fulani hegemony.

My Introspective review of the Peter obi shinaligan started shortly after he left PDP to join Labour Party having visited UK Parliament and secret meeting with Boris Johnson who was disgraced out of office yesterday as British Prime Minister.

The Social Media activities started with the code name "Obedient", in my own context which I will called Obituary because this will finally lead him into Oblivion. As a rational thinker, one would be prompted to ask series of questions about the growing popularity of Peter Obi. This cannot be separated from his visit to UK Parliament. Basically there are questions I would desire replies from readers of this article.

1. Why would Peter Obi visit UK Parliament and her Prime Minister before returning to Nigeria to take the grand quaking decision to run under a third force.
Is he running to serve the British interest?

2. Has he made known the out come of his visit and his discussion with the British prime minister to his teeming supporters?

3. Why was he quick to praise Sunday Igbo model of agitation and Condemn Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's Biafra agitation?

Let me kindly share my thoughts and opinions to these questions and while doing that, I will remind you that no foreign prospective or aspiring President has ever left the shore of those he wants to govern to other countries for consultations. Nigeria is not the only country colonized in the world before you begin to raise the issue of Colonial Masters. Therefore, any good consultation is done within the Homeland of the people you wants to lead.

Secondly, it's a historical fact that British interest in other countries, especially third world country like Nigeria which come under her colonization, is paramount due to her parasitic interest. This is where they fell into attacks by Indigenous People in Nigeria, especially the Indigenous People of Biafra.

This is the reason Peter Obi cannot make public his purpose of visit nor his discussion with them public.

Thirdly, Peter obi despite being Igbo Biafran and excellently making case about the Economic Mismanagement, Injustice in the Land, Ethnic cleansing by the jihadist Fulani terrorists and total neglect of Biafra land by the successive regimes of Fulani controlled Nigeria presidents. He keeps turning blind eyes on the continued Incarceration of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, a prisoner of Conscience whose only crime is standing up against these vices and knowing full well that a protest for Self Determination is everybody's constitutional right. Is Peter not aware that Nnamdi Kanu is a
British citizen who deserves to be protected by those same Britain he just visited?

Peter Obi's open condemnation of the Indigenous people of Biafra whom are generally loved by majority Biafrans home and abroad is an open indication that he's not really in the contest to fix Nigeria but planted by UK Government to distract and slow dpwn the growing demand for the restoration of Biafra.

For us Biafrans, freedom is in our hands and we are presently at the point of no return. Freedom is achievable and it comes by consistent and persistent efforts of every Biafrans.

Historically, politicians who benefit from the fraud system like Nigeria are never in fore front championing freedom. Usually, they either join the movement towards the end, choose the option of self exile or be destroyed by the system at the attainment of FREEDOM.

Political process in terms of election paticipation or general politicking in Lord Lugardia fraud system like Nigeria can never give us freedom but a movement like IPOB is the sure ticket from this present twilight to a glorious Dawn.

We are not politicians nor belong to political parties but freedom fighters. Lets keep pushing because Biafra is here.

Written by
Mazi Celestine Ogba
For; State Media Team